Saturday, June 7, 2014

KITT's Chrome Is So Bright, He's Gotta Wear A Shade

I had been in search of chrome coat hooks for KITT. They were chrome in the series and it is a little detail, but one I wanted to get right. Shawn (OhioKARR) had not only the chrome coat hooks but the chrome door lock sliders as well. He also had a mint privacy shade for the trunk area. I had previously purchased a shade from Dave (TheTurbocastKing), but it was broken and had paint overspray on it. I knew this ahead of time, but I did not think I was going to be able to find one in better condition. This was before I met Shawn.

The package arrived yesterday evening and Shawn's packaging was excellent as always.

Shawn told me that the shade was in mint condition, but the actual condition still blew my mind. It looks like it is new!

The chrome coat hook are actual metal and not chrome painted plastic as I was assuming they would be. They are in perfect condition. The door lock sliders are plastic, but they are in perfect shape too with the exception of some worn felt on what I assume was the driver side lock. I plan to just put a replacement strip of felt on it.

Shawn has been a life saver already with the parts he has been able to provide me with. Thanks Shawn! 

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