Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Why Are You Standing On The Car Like That?"

Jonathan and Troy decided the car did not have enough weight without the engine, so they had me stand on the K-Member while they installed the front springs and struts. The K-Member is about the same width as a balance beam, if you think about it. :)

The worst part about standing on the K-Member was the fly strip that Jonathan had hung in the garage. Its position kept me from standing up straight. 

I finally decided to take the fly strip down. Unfortunately I got it stuck to my arm in the process. Jonathan had to peel it off me. Gross is an understatement.

Once the fly strip was gone, word got out, and an influx of flies flew in the garage. They were literally circling around my head. The flies were not terrible, but the gigantic moth was. It flew in circles around my head for quite a while before finally deciding to make itself at home with Jonathan's tools.

That, my friends, is one disgusting huge moth. It's wingspan was about the size of my hand. I am sure that does not sound that bad, but believe me, standing on the K-Member while the car jerked up and down and having that moth fly around my head was something straight out of a B horror movie. 

I had been standing on the K-Member for about half an hour when my parents showed up. I did not actually see them approach, but I heard my mom. In her best mom voice she asked, "WHY ARE YOU STANDING ON THE CAR LIKE THAT?" Then she wanted to know how long I had been standing there. Then she wanted to know why I was not wearing shoes that covered my feet better. She is a good mom. :)

For the record, I have now kept the car from flying away twice!

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