Monday, September 9, 2013

KITT's Scanner Bar

KITT's scanner bar arrived today! I decided to wait until I got home to open it because I knew my rabbit Fuzzie would be angry if I opened it without her (you have no idea the wrath of an angry bunny).

As soon as I got home I opened the box. Joe Huth packs his scanner bars with enough packing peanuts and bubble wrap to ensure that it arrives safe and sound. 

As soon as I had it unwrapped Fuzzie was over there to inspect it. Joe, the picture did not catch it but that was a nod of approval.

Given the choice between KITT and KARR, Fuzzie definitely prefers KITT.

This is the scanner bar with the red lens.

The black powder coating gives the scanner bar a nice, finished look. This is what the scanner looks like from the front without a lens in it.

Here is the scanner with the amber lens installed. You can see the red lens sitting below it.

The top of the scanner.

The bottom of the scanner.

The back of the scanner with pre-drilled bulb holes.

I have not put the scanner on the front nose yet, but as promised, I will do a video soon!

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