Wednesday, September 4, 2013

KITT's Nose And Stone Guards Are Here!

A large package from Knight Designs arrived today!

As you can see, KITT's nose was packed very well.

I just love the styling of the third season nose!

Billy placed this decal on the inside of KITT's nose, certifying it as a Knight Designs product.

You can see the built-in scanner shelf in this picture.

I had to find the rear stone guards in the sea of packing peanuts.

The rear stone guards fit into place perfectly.

The mounting holes in Billy's stone guards are a little different than the stock ones on KITT. I plan to give Billy a call to discuss installation.


Here is a very rough test fit. Neither fender is actually mounted on the car, so it is very hard to line the nose up properly.

Now all I need is the scanner... which I ordered today. More on that soon!

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