Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ruby's Cowl: The Conclusion

I know this blog is supposed to be about KITT, but since I posted about ordering my new cowl piece, I wanted to do one more post about installing it.

Saturday morning we washed the Freestyle and my mom's car. My mom thought my name decal on my Freestyle was really neat, so I put one on her car, too. Her car's name is Jade.

After we washed the Freestyle we were ready to install Ruby's new cowl piece! Although the eBay ad promised this cowl piece fit my '05 Freestyle, it was not an exact match and needed to be modified to fit. Lucky for me, my husband is becoming a master at car part modifications. The first thing he had to do was remove a plastic tab inside the cowl piece. He removed most of it with a utility knife, and then finished with a cutting wheel.

Test fit!

Then he used the "Jesus is the reason for the season" pencil he found inside KITT when we got him to mark the area covered by the cowl piece.

The Ford dealership told us we should have double-side taped the original cowl piece down to the Freestyle, and then it would not have blown off. So Jonathan used 3M automotive double-sided tape to secure my new cowl piece to the Freestyle. 

Voila! Doesn't Ruby look beautiful with her new cowl piece?

And now back to Project KITT...

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