Thursday, September 5, 2013

KITT's Scanner

Yesterday I ordered a screen accurate scanner bar from Joe Huth. He had the bar duplicated from a bar that was actually used on-screen in the Knight Rider TV show. This scanner is as accurate as it gets! 

The bar comes with a diffused red lens just as KITT had in the show. I also ordered a diffused amber lens, so that KITT and I can have some fun masquerading as KARR. ;)

This is just the scanner bar and lens, so I will have to provide the eight 55 Watt H3 halogen bulbs, the wiring, and the controller to drive it. The bar was shipped today and should arrive soon!

I ordered the controller and wiring from Brenon Fulbright of Lectric Enterprises. His controller offers all of the options I would like for KITT's scanner and is even styled to look like the Surveillance Mode dash module. Brenon has even agreed to provide us with a behind the scenes look at how the controllers are put together, so look for that in a future post.

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