Friday, September 20, 2013

Installing The Steering Column

Today after work I finished painting the middle portion of the steering column. I realize that none of this was really functionally necessary, but it sure looks a lot better.

While the paint was drying I located the hardware for the steering column. 

The hardware needed to be cleaned up so I gave them a quick once over with the wire wheel.

It is amazing what a difference a little wire wheeling can make. They are all shiny and look like new now.

The column was dry enough to start working with it, so I set it in place.

I first had to bolt up the upper mounting shell. There is single bolt that threads into the upper dash support. The front of the mounting shell is secured with the same studs that hold up the steering column.

I temporarily threaded the nuts on these studs to hold the column in place while I secured it to the firewall with the three screws. Then I tightened up everything to the factory specifications.


KITT once again has his steering wheel! Tomorrow I plan to work on taking apart the wheel in an attempt to fix the sloppiness in the tilt mechanism. I know that I am going to want to document this portion well so I am going to wait until Sara can work her magic with the camera. While the wheel is apart I want to paint the plastic housing so that it is back to its factory appearance.

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