Friday, September 7, 2012

Where There's A Wheel There's A Well

After work today I started on the remainder of the driver side wheel well. I also treated the underside of the engine bay tray with some POR-Strip as pictured below.

I followed the same procedure I outlined yesterday.

While allowing the POR-Strip to penetrate I worked on removing the cowl screen and windshield wiper arms. Although I was able to remove the passenger side quite easily, the driver side retaining clip broke, so I will have to find another way to get this one off. 

Here is a picture looking down the cowl channel. I will have to get this area cleaned out and painted with POR-15.

While I scraped the driver side wheel well, Sara covered the holes in the passenger side wheel well with my Hello KITTy duct tape.

I applied the POR-Strip with a spray bottle this time. Spraying the POR-Strip on works very well, but it eats through the plunger on the spray bottle after only a short while. I went through two Selig commercial-grade spray bottles tonight spraying the POR-Strip on the wheel wells, but it was worth it.

This is the driver side after I sprayed POR-Strip on for the third time. I am missing pictures of the first two applications because Sara was still at work and was not here to take pictures for me.

Sara started scraping the passenger side after two applications of POR-Strip. We put a tarp up to catch the run off.

More shots of the passenger side wheel well after applying POR-Strip.

After we scraped the POR-Strip off with putty knives we rinsed everything with clear water and dried it off. I then took the grinder with the wire cup brush to the driver side wheel well.

Sara was still working on scraping the passenger side wheel well while I was grinding on the driver side. Look at the progress she has made. The passenger side had a lot more undercoating than the driver side that needed to be scraped off.

Here is the driver side after I finished with the wire cup brush.

I took the grinder to the passenger side wheel well after Sara rinsed and dried it.

Next we cleaned the wheel wells with MarineClean and then prepped them with Prep and Ready using the same old procedure we have been using.

Here is a picture of the driver side wheel well after it was cleaned and prepped.

Passenger side wheel well after it was cleaned and prepped.

The last thing we did tonight was clean and prep the tops of the strut towers with MarineClean and Prep and Ready.

We are ready to POR-15 again tomorrow.

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