Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Another Thursday Knight

The MarineClean and Prep and Ready I ordered last week came today. 

I was hoping Troy would come over tonight and help lower the rear end, but he never made it over. Instead, Sara and I worked on pre-preparation of the frame under the driver side fender I exposed earlier this week.

The first thing we did was remove the fender mount clips. These pictures illustrate where the clips were.

Then I worked on scraping as much of the dried out seam sealer as I could. 

This area has a lot of water run off, both from the cowl as well as the water that runs off the wheel well or down the windshield, so it needs to be sealed very well. You can see in the picture below the seam sealer is completely gone from this seam and it has started to rust pretty bad. This can be saved though. The three holes you see are actually filled with POR-Patch from the inside. I plan to push as much POR-Patch into these from the outside as I can.

Here is the area I was working on removing the seam sealer. I got most of it scraped off. I will have to use POR-Strip to remove the rest.

I tried vacuuming out the rear safety bumper to get some of the sand and gravel out. I will still need to use the air compressor and hose it off at some point.

The last thing we decided to tackle tonight was the driver side windshield wiper arm. The last time I tried working on this the clip broke and I could not remove the arm. I used a lighted mirror to look underneath the arm to determine what was still holding it. I found out there was actually nothing holding it other than pressure.

I just needed something to give it a little lift. I used next to no force and it popped right off.

This is where the wiper arm was mounted. The broken clip is laying beside the mount.

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