Monday, September 24, 2012

Adventures In Fenderland

I started off this evening with a trip to Menards with Sara's dad to see how just how great the Lifetime Guarantee on my $7 ToolShop brand C-clamp really was. Turns out it is a really great deal as they replaced it with no receipt and no questions asked!

When we got home, I checked on the shroud I had POR-Patched and PowerMeshed. The patched area was as hard as rock, and had mended the cracked area. Here is a pictures of the repair and the front area. I still plan to work some POR-Patch into the crack from the front.

My plan for the evening was to remove both front fenders. I am not sure why it took me this long to decide this, but the fenders were the only thing keeping my project from being a full "body off restoration". I do not like doing anything halfway, and I decided I needed to take the fenders off in order to restore it properly.

This first shot is illustrating where the top fender bolts are placed. 

Fender picture.

This is the bolt going through the pinch weld on the bottom of the car.

With the bolts removed the fender lifted off easily. Sara's dad and I came up with the idea of hanging it on a saw horse to keep it off the ground. 

After seeing the areas I will now be able to treat with POR-15 I am really glad I decided to remove the fenders.

You can see the rust damage I repaired by the firewall area on the driver side corner was also starting to rust through from the outside. Some of the POR-Patch I had used had actually seeped through and was visible through the holes.

The inside of the fenders are rust free and in great shape, other than a little damage to the lower mounting tab caused by the previous owner.

On to the passenger side. Same bolt pattern as the driver side.

Passenger side fender.

This is the bolt going through the pinch weld on the bottom of the car on the passenger side.

The passenger side fender did not lift off easily once the bolts were removed. Instead we were thwarted by the power antenna bezel. Apparently this requires a $20 tool called an antenna wrench to remove. So ends my progress for tonight.

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