Saturday, September 29, 2012

Forgotten Friday

I forgot to post last night, and I did so much on the car today that it is hard to remember what I did yesterday. I took some pictures though, so I am going to at least post these.

Here is a picture of the old seam sealer underneath the driver side fender. This needs to be removed and have new seam sealer applied. 

I used POR-Strip to help remove the seam sealer and paint from the area underneath the driver side fender. I really do not like using POR-Strip; it is very toxic and burns skin easily (if even a speck of it lands on your skin). I decided to wire wheel this area off instead.

I managed to scrape most of the seam sealer out of this area on the end of the cowl.

I started scraping at the seam sealer still left on the side with a putty knife.

I cleaned off some of the residue with a wire brush.

I made a trip to Menards to get a stiffer small wire brush. I tried it out on the fender frame and it works really great. I swept out the garage under the car and rearranged a few things to make more room for Troy and I to work on the rear end. Troy was planning to come over, but ended up having to work late. 

The last thing I attempted to do was break the caliper bolts loose. I had been struggling to get these loose and had sprayed them a few times with PB Blaster and let it soak in. I was able to get them to crack loose.

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