Thursday, June 21, 2012

Removing The Hood

Tonight Sara and I removed the hood. I want to be able to work on the engine bay this weekend, and having the hood out of the way will make it much easier to access the bay.

There are only three 10mm bolts on each fender side of the hinge. Once these bolts are removed and the air induction is disconnected the hood can be lifted off. This is definitely a two-person job. These hoods are heavy. (A reminder from Sara: Wear gloves. The metal flanges are sharp.)


We need to move the hood against the garage wall, but right now the nose of the car is in the way so the hood is leaning against my work bench. We plan to remove the nose tomorrow.

I wanted to visually document the current state of the engine bay for later reference. This video should pretty much show me where everything is hooked up. I will also take pictures as I remove each part from the engine bay.

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