Sunday, June 17, 2012

POR-15: Act II, Scene III

This morning I started by reopening the POR-Patch I sealed yesterday. I applied POR-Patch to a lot of the seams in the car that cannot be covered by the brush-on seam sealer I will be applying soon.

The POR-Patch was leaking everywhere. I think it is because I rolled the bottom of the tube up.

Since the POR-Patch tube sprung a leak, I wanted to finish the tube up instead of attempting to reseal it again. We decided to use the POR-Patch to seal as many of the floor drain plugs as possible. We got all four round plugs in and the two back oval plugs. We just have the two by the firewall and the one in the trunk left. I used the POR-Patch as if it was caulk and sealed around the plugs. I am not sure yet if I will seal these plugs from the bottom as well, or just paint over them with POR-15.

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