Friday, June 22, 2012

A Trans Am's Nose Job

A picture of the Trans Am nose before we started tonight:

Plastic rivet-style clips that run along the bottom of the nose:

I determined I needed to jack up the car for better access, so we needed to get the hood out of the way. I removed the support struts because they need to be replaced anyway, and it allowed us to collapse the hinges. To make it easier to work on removing the struts, we laid the hood on some carpet squares.

After removing the support struts, I collapsed and secured the hinges flat against the hood with some twist ties.

Sara cleaned the hood with Marine Clean. Here is the hood after it has been cleaned:

The support struts I removed (and will be replacing):

These fender bolts secure the nose on the driver side and passenger side. There were four bolts on each side. The top two are bolts which are attached to the nose and have nuts securing them. The bottom two are bolts that turn into clips on the nose.

There are a series of screws holding a metal lip that run across the top of the nose. I had heard you have to remove the bezel on the light to get to these, but Sara figured out if we open the light about 75% of its normal travel there is enough room to access these screws with a small ratchet. We also had to remove the turn signals.

The nose has been removed!

Here is the 5 mph safety bumper. This bumper is attached with six 10mm bolts.

KITT is down to his bumper now!

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