Sunday, June 17, 2012

POR-15: Our Final Thoughts

  • The POR-15 Dauber Kit was a waste. The dauber ends are much too large to fit in any of the holes on the rails they are intended to coat. They just absorb all the paint and then splatter it everywhere when pushed through an opening. Also they have cotton daubers on both ends instead of a hook on one end as was pictured in the POR-15 catalog. I am sure this is for double usage, but once one end is covered in paint how do you use the other end without getting paint all over you? 
  • Want the final finish to be black? Order black. Using two different colors is nice hypothetically, but the silver does not paint as nicely as the black and it does not end up a true black finish. Next time I will be ordering all black and both coats will be black.
  • The spray bottles POR-15 provides are horrible. Do not even attempt to use the provided spray bottles with POR-Strip - brush it on instead. The POR-Strip just eats the spray bottles' plunger and then it won't spray and starts leaking. The spray bottles work fine for Marine Clean and Prep and Ready, however.
  • Marine Clean really is non-toxic and biodegradable  Moths can land in it and it does not affect them at all. This cannot be said for Prep and Ready, which is a very effective bee killer.
  • Brushes - The 2 inch brushes POR-15 sells do not fit in 4 oz cans of POR-15, which makes them worthless. The 1 inch brushes were well worth the money, although they did lose some bristles. They were cheap enough we were able to throw them away after applications without feeling bad doing so.
  • POR-Patch is awesome, but do not roll the metal tube. It will crack and leak if rolled. It is possible to reseal the tube as long as the threads are clean. I used a Gojo fast wipe to clean the threads on the top of the tube. I used a small plastic zip tie to push the POR-15 out of the tube (a toothpick would probably work too). I then used the Gojo fast wipe and pushed it up inside the applicator nozzle and twisted it so it worked all the remaining POR-15 out of the nozzle.
  • Gojo fast wipes remove POR-15 from tools, garage floor and skin, even after it has dried for a while. They are awesome!

  • PowerMesh needs to be cut slightly larger than the hole you are covering or it does not lay properly. I very much overestimated how much I would need. (Anyone need some PowerMesh?)
  • I ordered the latex gloves offered by POR-15 thinking they would be the best to use with their products. The web site claims they have used them in their labs for years. They were pathetic in comparison to the nitrile gloves we bought at Wal-Mart. The POR-Strip ate through the latex gloves if it was not removed promptly. This did not happen with the nitrile gloves. The first time we used the POR-Strip we both wore the latex gloves, and we both had POR-Strip all over our hands. The second time we both wore the nitrile gloves, and neither of us got any POR-Strip on our hands. I put many holes in the POR-15 latex gloves. I have yet to get a hole in the nitrile gloves. The nitrile gloves also allow more dexterity and fit nicer. Last but definitely not least, the nitrile gloves are less expensive. 
  • I ordered 10 pairs of latex gloves from POR-15. By my count we should have received 20 gloves total. Apparently I am off however, because we received 19. I am wearing the lone glove in the pictures below.
  • Resealing POR-15 works following the directions on the can. I sealed a can last night with a piece of plastic under the lid, and today I opened the can up and the POR-15 was perfect.

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