Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Stripping Saturday

I started this afternoon by removing the passenger side front ground effect and air dam. I have one bolt that I cannot get the nut loose. Sara and I spent about half an hour trying to get the bolt free, but ended up separating the ground effect from the mounting bracket and leaving the bracket on the car for the time being.

Next we used POR-Strip on the rear wheel wells and rear fender areas. We applied a coat of POR-Strip, then waited half an hour and applied a second coat. We waited some more and then started scraping and scrubbing. We pushed the car out of the garage and jacked up the front end. Before rinsing the area with water we taped off the inside passenger area with plastic to prevent overspray on our already finished area. 

We mixed the Marine Clean 1:1 as before and applied it to the trunk area, then scrubbed and rinsed with hot water. We repeated this process three times. After a final rinsing to make sure the Marine Clean was completely removed, we tarped off the back end of the car to provide some relief from the sun and heat, and to keep the Prep and Ready from drying too quickly. We used the same method as before, keeping it wet for thirty minutes and respraying every seven minutes or so. We then rinsed everything thoroughly.

Five hours and two new calluses later we pushed the car back into the garage and called it a night.

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