Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plastics Thrown Everywhere

Yesterday morning did not start out the greatest. When Sara left for work and put the garage door up, one of KITT's interior plastics fell just enough to catch on the garage door. When she put it back down it ripped a bunch of the plastics free and threw them to the ground. :( Sara took these pictures over her lunch break so I could see the damage.

We have had the plastics stored above the garage door since we took them out of KITT. That's been about a year now and they have never fallen.

You can see in this picture how it shoved the A pillar trim against the front of the garage.

Luckily in all that mess there was only one broken trim piece - the passenger side lower A pillar trim. (This is the piece that sits right next to the dash.) I have it circled in the picture below.

It actually shattered into several smaller pieces. (Sara picked these up from the driveway and inside the garage.)

Cary came over last night and helped me finish gutting the doors. Thanks Cary! I will be posting about that tomorrow because I haven't gotten through all the pictures yet.

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