Friday, March 22, 2013

Gutting The Doors, The Finale

Today after work I wanted to finish up the doors so Mario can pick them up tomorrow. I needed to remove the armrest brackets from both driver side doors so I could swap them. I started by grinding down the center of the rivets.

Then I drilled through the centers.

The bracket is loose.

I repeated the same process for the original driver side door.

Here you can see the differences in the two brackets. The one on the right is from the original door. 

While I was drilling out the rivets on the donor door I noticed that the lower armrest mounting bracket was loose. Since this is just riveted on there is no easy way to tighten it, so I decided to swap that with the one from the original door. I had painted those with POR-15 silver and it looks much nicer anyway.

Here you can see the two brackets side by side.

When I had finished removing the brackets I used a broom handle to knock the dirt and debris loose and then vacuumed out the doors. 

The doors are ready to be picked up by Mario. I decided I am going to let Mario take all three and decide which of the two driver side doors he would rather work with.

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