Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mario Brought Some Parts Back In Black

Yesterday Mario sent me a message saying he had some more painted parts to bring over. He brought back the spoiler/wing, side view mirrors, headlight covers, fender vents, side marker trim, and fuel cap, all done in black. These will all have to be color sanded once they are back on and the car is painted. We laid them on carpet squares in the garage for now, but I intend to store them inside to prevent accidental damage.

Here is the spoiler/wing.

Here are the headlight covers.

Here are the side view mirrors and the air induction screen for the hood scoop.

Here are the fender vents, gas cap, and rear side marker trim.

Here is one of the fender vents.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Mario welded the holes for the lower ground effects and filled them in. You can see the welds from the inside of the fender. 

No more holes on the outside. Very smooth.

I brought everything inside. Fuzzie was very excited, but did not quite understand why she could not come out of her hutch to inspect them.

Here is a close up of the air induction screen for the hood scoop.

Notice my Pac-Man collection in the reflection. These will have even more of a mirror-like finish once color sanded and buffed.

Fuzzie wanted to take a closer look. She approves! :)

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