Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gutting The Door, Part 4

I had to work late today and had plans this evening, but when I got off I still had just enough time to get the rest of the components out of the driver side door. Cold in the garage? Not compared to outside. :)

I started by drilling out (read mutilating) the two rivets holding the power lock actuator. These two rivets were the hardest to remove. I am not sure why, as they were the same type used everywhere else on the door. Here is the power lock actuator.

You can see the two mounting holes for the power lock actuator in the picture below.

The bell crank was the next part to be removed. This was held in place by a single rivet and was very easy to drill out.

Once I had freed the bell crank, I decided to just remove the door lock striker instead of trying to unhook the connecting rod between the two. This way I could remove the whole assembly as one piece.

There were three T-30 torx screws securing the door lock striker which were easily removed.

Here is the whole assembly once it was removed from the door. You can see the bell crank just to the right of the door lock striker.

The last thing I removed from the door was the rubber bump stops. I am sure I will be replacing these with new ones, but I figured since they came out in one piece it might be smart to hang on to them.

The driver side door is finally empty!

Tomorrow evening my friend Cary is coming over to help get the driver side door off and the other two doors prepped to the same point this one is. 

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