Saturday, March 30, 2013

Inspecting The Replacement Glass

Today I stopped in at Mario's shop to drop off the trunk lid we removed yesterday and check on the scratch in the donor hatch glass. :(

Mario has made some progress on the doors.

This is the passenger door. Mario said there were no surprises on this door, other than a lot of layers of paint.

Here is the bottom lip of the passenger door.

Mario is currently working on sanding down the driver side door. So far he has not ran into any surprises on this one either.

Here is another picture of the donor hatch glass. You can see the trunk lid I brought over this afternoon resting beside it.

This is the scratch in the glass.

I took the next two pictures from two different angles. The scratch is between my middle and index fingers. The scratch is deep enough in spots to catch your nail, but not across the entire length of the scratch. I am really disappointed the glass is scratched. I am hoping something can be done to remove or at least make the scratch less noticeable. I think at this point I will use this glass, but I may replace it with reproduction glass when it becomes available someday.

The scratch was not the only surprise on the donor glass. It appears this hatch also had some type of sun louvers and the brackets, three on each side, are actually welded to the metal glass edging. These will have to be removed, so Mario is going to attempt to remove the entire edging and replace it with the edging from my glass.

Mario was able to start separating the edging and he believes that with a little time and patience, he should be able to get it off in one piece.

Here is a close up of the sun louver brackets from the top and side.

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