Wednesday, August 5, 2020

No Longer Hot-Headed, But Always Unyielding

I have been told that KARR is just like his owner, maybe so. 😎  Troy called me yesterday afternoon and said that KARR was ready to be picked up. 

He had been in the shop because he kept overheating and then pissing all over my garage floor. It turns out he had burst the rear lower inlet coolant hose. Troy was not able to source a replacement, so I immediately ordered the 85-87 V6 coolant hose kit from The Fiero Store.

The hoses arrived on Monday, July 27th and we took them over to Troy. It would turn out that the rear lower inlet coolant hose replacement was too short. Since this was the hose that actually needed to be replaced we were dead in the water until a suitable replacement could be found.

Troy was researching the hose kit I bought from The Fiero Store and noticed the one listed for the 1988 V6 looked like it was long enough. I called The Fiero Store and explained the situation and they discounted me the cost of the hose in the kit and sent out the 1988 rear lower inlet coolant hose. It arrived on August 3rd.

This hose would be more than long enough and should work.

When I stopped down to pickup KARR, Troy explained that only one of the hoses out of the kit actually fit where it was supposed to. Every other hose had to either use the wrong hose from the kit or have a hose cut down in order to make them fit. I am not sure what is with this kit? My 1987 Fiero's cooling system has been unmodified and is still stock. 

I guess I can be stubborn, unreasonable and unyielding at times, so it stands to reason KARR can be too. I guess we just know what we want and are determined to get it.

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