Saturday, August 1, 2020

KARR's New Exhaust

I purchased the stainless steel Ocelot exhaust from the Fiero Store to replace my deteriorating stock exhaust. The description on their website reads: 
The Ocelot exhaust allows your Fiero to breathe better by reducing back pressure. You will notice a deeper, richer tone as well as improved fuel economy. The system is made from 2" T-409 stainless steel pipe leading into a custom built, free flow stainless muffler. Each system includes dual twin polished stainless tips. These tips are the same that GM uses on the Bonneville GXP's. Stainless clamps included with each system.
Needless to say I was excited to get this new setup!

The stainless steel tips are totally tubular!

I ordered these exhaust tip shields which protects your fascia from the heat and exhaust emitted by each tip. This is installed in the rear bumper, above each exhaust tip. KARR's previous owner painted over these and I wanted to make sure he had shiny new ones for his new paint job.

The new exhaust setup included the stainless hardware below.

I dropped KARR of at Exhaust Pros on July 8th to have the new exhaust setup installed. I was able to get a ride back to work and then back to pick up KARR after work. When you are in a pinch, it's great to have friends help you out. 😁

KARR's new tips look awesome!

KARR's rear end now looks almost as good as it sounds! Stay tuned for a video comparison of the stock exhaust versus the Ocelot setup.

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