Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Upgrading KARR's Exterior Lights To LED, Part 3

The last phase of the converting KARR's exterior lighting to LED was to to replace the rear turn signals and front turn signal lenses and bulb sockets.  I had mistakenly ordered the wrong LEDs for the rear turn signals and had to return them and reorder.

Once the LEDs were in, the difference was like night and day!  In this picture LED is on the right and incandescent on the left.

There are four bulbs that need to be replaced in the rear turn signals, with two on each side.

The correct LED for the turn signals is a 1156-A18-T in Amber.

The rear turn signals with LEDs installed. The driver side is in the process of blinking, but you can see just how bright they are!

The front turn signals were not working properly in conjunction with the side markers, and I assumed it was a bad contact in the sockets, so I ordered new lenses and bulb sockets.

Here is the new driver's side turn signal lens.

Here is the new driver's side bulb socket.

Here is the old socket.  I will have to splice into these wires to replace the socket.

The new socket has been spliced in.

Driver's side turn signal with LED installed and new turn signal housing.

Passenger side turn signal with LED installed and original turn signal housing.

Splicing in the new passenger side bulb socket.

After I finished replacing both sockets and attempted to test the flashers with the park lights on, I was dismayed to learn they still did not work properly.  It turns out the way the Fiero is wired the incandescent bulb is a necessary part of the circuit providing something the LED just cannot.  I have racked my brain and have tried different load resisters and different LEDs, but have yet to find a solution.  For now I will leave the incandescent bulbs in the front turn signals as it works that way.  Every exterior light on KARR is now LED, with the exception of the two front turn signals.

A HydroSilex update:

It rained recently, which is kind of a running joke because we have been getting a lot of rain.  The water beaded up nicely on KARR.

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