Friday, June 7, 2019

Project: KITT Approves HydroSilex

I had been researching protective coatings for vehicles in search of something more durable than wax.  HydroSilex Recharge was something that caught my eye and in all of my research kept popping back up.
From HydroSilex's Website: HydroSilex Recharge is the no limit ceramic coating suited for every surface on your car. Fully DIY, no professional installations are needed. Recharge will bond without leveling and create a smooth and shiny top ceramic layer protecting the surface against the sun, rain, dirt and other harsh elements.
HydroSilex is designed to be layered, and will last 6 to 8 months. This was the type of protection I was looking for. It was way more expensive than the waxes I have used before, but if it truly delivered the results they claimed I was game to try.

I want to start out by saying that I wanted to use this on KARR as KITT has not been painted and is not in need of a protective coating yet.  KARR's paint is shot.  Its clear coat is very thin and there is spider webbing, cracking and chipping all over.  I plan to repaint KARR soon but still wanted something to protect the current paint.  I am stating this because I was not expecting miracles.

The first step is to wash and dry the car.  The second step is to apply HydroSilex Rewind.  This will remove all previous wax, grease and oils.  You mist it on one panel at a time and buff it with a microfiber towel until all residue is removed.

It was amazing to see how rough the surface was when the existing wax was removed.  We could feel the microfiber towel start to drag across KARR's surface.

The third step is to apply HydroSilex Recharge.  This is also misted on one panel at a time, wiped dry with a microfiber towel, and then buffed with a second microfiber towel.  Sara applied it and dried, and I buffed it to a shine.

The finish I was left with was amazing.  It felt amazing, it looked amazing.  I was honestly surprised at how good it made KARR's paint look considering what I started with.  It makes the surface so smooth it feels oily.  Nothing I have ever applied to KARR has been able to give it the mirror shine this did.  I am impressed.

We started by applying it to only one half of the hood and the difference was amazing.  It actually felt like my hand was dragging on the side that was just waxed, where as on the HydroSilex side, I could not even get the microfiber towel to sit on the hood, it just slid off.

We applied Recharge to every surface on the car except the windshield.

HydroSilex also makes a product called Slick which is a tire conditioning and shine product.  Of course while I was trying Recharge, I had to try their tire product as well.  To apply this you also use Rewind first to strip and clean all the grease, wax, oils, etc. from the tire.  Then you apply Slick using a foam tire applicator to provide an even coat.  After 30 minutes you apply a second coat.  This was extremely easy to apply and as you can see, provided immediate results.  I also applied a coating of Recharge to the wheels, as it is supposed to help with brake dust while providing a layer of shine and protection.

As you can see, KARR looks great and is very happy.

Update: One Week Later

It rained and KARR had the typical road grime and dust that sticks to water droplets after it rains, making him look just dusty and dirty.  In examining the surface and the dirt with my hand, it felt just dusty and was easily wiped away.  I decided to see how easy it would be to clean off.  We took KARR to a local car wash and literally just sprayed him off with water.  Everything rinsed off.  We dried him off with chamois and he looks as good as he did when we finished applying Recharge last week.

Project: KITT definitely approves HydroSilex.  I cannot wait to see how long this coating lasts and I do intend to apply a second coat, but I am waiting for HydroSilex Silica Soap so I can properly wash KARR before applying the second coat.  Thanks HydroSilex!

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  1. This product looks amazing!! What a great demonstration! I will look into purchasing this. By the way I love your car!! What a beauty!