Thursday, May 30, 2019

KITT's Emergency Schematic Blueprint (ESB) Is Here!

The guys at KITT STILL ROCKS have been working hard to recreate one of the most sought after props from the series...KITT's Emergency Schematic Blueprint (ESB). Of course I had to have one, or rather KITT did, yeah that's it. KITT needed it.

My package from KITT STILL ROCKS arrived yesterday.

While on the website ordering KITT's ESB, I completed my Knight Rider book collection by buying a few other books.  KARR wanted these. ;)

The level of detail put into the ESB is amazing.  The first thing you notice is how nice it feels when you pick it up.  The cover is a textured, padded leather-like vinyl with the Knight logo and Knight Industries 2000 silk-screened on the front.  The book measures 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

They not only managed to recreate what we saw on screen; they fleshed it out and added details that any Knight Rider fan will appreciate.

I'd love to show you more of what is inside... but of course, it's classified.

First on KARR's list of must reads is the Knight Automated Roving Robot owner's manual.

Next we have A Shadowy Flight, which is essentially an encyclopedia of all things Knight Rider.  You can look up all the characters, devices, terminology, etc. from the show.

Last on KARR's list was The Knight Rider Collectibles Guide.

You can pick up any of these plus more on the KITT STILL ROCKS online store.

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