Monday, July 29, 2019

The Cursed Fuel Gauge...

As you know, we have been trying to troubleshoot the erratic readings on KARR's digital fuel gauge.  After everything that we have tried, I have come to the conclusion there has to be something wrong with the gauge itself.  I contacted Tom at Tom's Digital Electronics to see if he had any suggestions.  He said I should send the gauge to him so he could check it out.  This required me to take the gauge cluster apart to remove the fuel and water temperature module. 

I started by removing the blackout panel.

I have detailed this process in my post about installing the gauges so I will not bore you with all of the details, but instead point out anything I found interesting.

Please take note of the shift knob in the lower left corner of this picture.  This is my second leather-wrapped shift knob, and as you can see it has not worn well.  I plan to do something about this very soon.

The light gray dimming wires that are used for the new digital gauges tie right into the wire harness on the back of the gauge cluster.  Once this wire harness is unplugged, the dimming wires are still left attached to it, so I cannot remove the gauge cluster as I could when I installed the gauges.

With the front metal fascia removed, there was only one screw that secured the fuel and water temperature module and then it could be pulled out.  I did have to cut the dimming wire to this module but I left enough that I can splice it back together.

Now just to reassemble the gauge cluster so I can drive the car...

It looks a bit odd with the gauges missing!

Stay tuned for an update when I hear from Tom.

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