Tuesday, June 5, 2018

KITT's Electronic Overlays Unboxing

I purchased two sets of 3rd/4th season electronic overlays for KITT's dash from Billy Gunter of Knight Designs in December.  I was going to do an unboxing video, but thought the overlays might show up more detailed in pictures.  One of these sets will be used in KITT, and the other set is being sent to Alessandro Zagni of ZA Electronica.  Alessandro is going to use these overlays when he designs his upcoming 3rd/4th season electronics.  

Billy had access to a set of screen-used overlays from Knight Rider and reverse engineered these to match exactly. They are made out of aluminum with a textured finish.    

Per his usual, Billy packaged everything securely.

The acrylics that fit in the overlays and the two compass overlays.

The RPM overlays.

The MPH overlays.

The PNAP overlays.

Both sets of acrylics.

Front of compass overlay.

Back of compass overlay.

Front of RPM overlay.

Back of RPM overlay.

Front of MPH overlay.

Back of MPH overlay.

Front of PNAP overlay.

Back of PNAP overlay.

One of the other unique features Billy built into his overlays are mounting flanges along the outer edge for securing the overlays to the dash.  Billy cut out the compass board openings as there were specific cuts that needed to be made on that particular overlay to keep it inline with the original.  The rest of the overlays will need to be cut out with an exacto knife.

For those that my have trouble picturing exactly what these will look like, here is a drawing of KITT's dash. Special thanks to Juha Terho for allowing the use of his drawings.

I am boxing the second set of overlays to go to Alessandro tomorrow.

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