Friday, June 1, 2018

All Settled In

5,467 pictures downloaded, sorted and uploaded; 504 posts copied, checked for code and reformatted; and 49 hours of time spent by Sara and I working diligently; but we're here and all moved in!

When I started this blog it was meant as more of a reference journal for me, and I never imagined that it would grow as large as it has with readers across the globe. It fills me with a sense of gratification that my experience and trials with this Project are interesting and even helpful to others. Sara and I are looking forward to getting back to steady work on KITT and being able to document it on the new blog.

As we started the process of transferring the blog, I wondered if there was anything I would learn from reading back through from the beginning. I discovered three things I either didn't remember, found the hindsight perspective helpful, or just needed to hear my younger self repeatedly stating.

1)  I purchased all black polyurethane bushings for KITT and not the red ones I thought I had. The black are impregnated with graphite to add a lubrication property and help eliminate squeaks. I purchased the red control arm bushings for KARR and have been dealing with a squeaky headache ever since, so I was really dreading having to deal with that on KITT too. The black should prove much quieter. I did manage to get KARR's squeaky bushings under control by adding grease Zerks to the control arms. This allowed me to add more of the special Formula 5 Prelube to the bushings.

2) Mistakes happen and they can be very costly. That cost is not always just money. It can kill enthusiasm, zap motivation, break hearts, make you feel like you are taking two steps back and only one forward, and it can require healing. The important thing is that we don't let mistakes beat us, that we learn from them, don't repeat them, and most importantly, move on.

3) My wife is awesome! I truly am blessed to be able to spend my life with my best friend. Then there is the assistance with this Project... she has been invaluable!  A source of strength, encouragement, ingenuity, organization, and she has easily shouldered half the workload. How many wives would even be willing to be out working in the garage let alone tearing apart a 35-year-old car for a frame up restoration? It goes without saying that I would not be as far as I am in the Project without her. Thanks Sara!

Moving the blog was a lot of hard work, but ended up being really fun.  It provided a really good look back at the last six years and just how far we have come. I know that lately things have been really quiet, but that is about to change. I am once again highly motivated to get KITT finished, and together with Sara, I know we can get back that awesome pace we had when we started this Project.

We decided that it would be beneficial to create a to do list of sorts for the Project. This will keep us on track and also provide our readers with an insight as to what's next. In fact that's what we'll call it. So look for the "What's Next" tab at the top of the Project: K.I.T.T. blog.

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