Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fog Light Pods, Part 2

This week I finished cleaning the rock shield for the steering shaft.

Here is a before picture of the rock shield covered in dirt and grease:

Here is an after picture of the rock shield after I cleaned it up:

This week I also cut the remaining pod off the damaged light bar. (Remember I am using this one to practice on.)

After I felt I had perfected the process, I moved on to the good light bar.

I saved the hood bump stops from both light bars, as they were both in very good condition and will work as replacements for KITT.

I took these next pictures showing how the lights mount in the pods. They are more for my reference than anything else.

First pod successfully removed! This is the driver side.

Both pods have been removed! They cut very easily.

I smoothed the cut edges with 320 grit sandpaper.

I also separated the casing from one of the low beam headlights. I wanted to see how hard it will be to paint the metal casing with POR-15. I thought the built-in level would also be easy to remove, as it looked to be just secured with a screw. However, they also epoxied it to the metal frame. I do not think there will be any way to remove it without breaking the level. We will need to tape this off before painting the casing with POR-15, or possibly just spray paint the whole frame. I will need to decide which way I want to go.

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