Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fixing The Front Bumper (Again) And Applying (More) Sound Deadening

When we mounted the front bumper, we used fender washers to replace the brackets that spanned between each bolt pair. Unfortunately the fender washers, because they are thin, bent and/or cracked when the bolts were tightened down.

I noticed this cracked washer on the passenger side, which is what prompted me to fix it.

I turned all eight nuts loose.

And I removed the front bumper.

Front bumper is off once again.

Because the new bolts had hex heads on them, I was able to hold the retaining washer in place and simply turn the bolt out. This was a lot easier than prying the retaining washers off.

Here is the cracked washer.

While we were at Menards we looked for thicker washers, but were unable to find any the same diameter. I decided to buy more fender washers and put two washers on each bolt.

The two fender washers together are as thick as the washers used to secure the bumper. I put two washers on all eight bolts.

While I was working on replacing the washers, Sara noticed how dirty the garage door had gotten, and cleaned it. Because our garage door has white reflective panels, it helps to reflect a lot of the working light we have in the garage. Once the garage door was cleaned, the difference in light was amazing.

Here is what the bolts look like with the double washers.

All eight are done.

Here I am holding the bumper in place. You can see how white the garage door is now in this picture.

Turning the nuts back on the bumper:

Bumper is back on!

The double washers did not bend!

We decided to use the last three sheets of RAAMmat BXT II and some Ensolite to cover the rear wheels with two more layers of sound deadening. I was planning to buy the factory die-cut insulation mats, however the site that was selling them no longer has them. In fact, no one has them. I am fairly confident that the RAAMmat and Ensolite will end up being more effective anyway.

I started by removing the plastics.

My plan was to use the same process we used on the firewall: strips of Ensolite over the original layer of RAAMmat, leaving strips of the RAAMmat exposed for the top layer of RAAMmat to stick to. The final layer of Ensolite will be on the underside of the plastics. The end product will be a full layer of RAAMmat, covered with strips of Ensolite, then covered with a full layer of RAAMmat, followed by a full layer of Ensolite inside the plastics.

I started with the driver side. I used a sheet of paper and folded it to make a template.

Sara held the Ensolite while I cut out the pattern using the template I made.

I pressed the strip of Ensolite into place:

Here is the driver side rear wheel well covered with Ensolite strips:

The next step was to cover the entire wheel well with RAAMmat. As before, I created templates out of paper and then cut the RAAMmat to match.

Once again Sara's pastry roller came in very handy applying the RAAMmat.

Driver side rear wheel well is finished!

Sara pointed out that as long as we are doing the wheel wells, we might as well do the inner portion. This is the part between the outside quarter panel and the inside sheet metal. It already had a layer of RAAMmat applied.

I measured and decided I would need a 6" strip two feet long.

Applying the Ensolite was tricky in the confined space and small openings.

The inside of the wheel well is sound deadened!

We did the same thing on the passenger side.

While working on the passenger side, I noticed some rust/overspray/something that our ex-painter painted right over. Something to keep in mind when we find our next painter...

And here is yet another paint drip on the rocker panel! :(

I put the plastics back in on the driver side.

Sara pointed out we had plenty of pieces and scraps of RAAMmat left, so we decided to tackle the passenger side rear wheel well. I again made templates for the Ensolite strips.

Here is the passenger side rear wheel well with the Ensolite strips:

While I was making templates, Sara was putting away my tools. She asked why this midget wrench set was still in the bag. I told her I was out of room on my magnetic strips to hang them. She got on eBay, found another set of magnetic strips for me, and ordered them. Thanks Sara!

With the Ensolite strips in place, we used the pieces of RAAMmat and pieced together a full-coverage layer on the passenger side.

These are the pieces we have left over. I did not think I could get both rear wheel wells covered with only three sheets of RAAMmat, but we did, with some to spare!

Passenger side wheel well is finished!

And the plastics are back in place. Another productive weekend!

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