Sunday, May 24, 2015

Finishing The Sound Deadening

This morning we made a quick trip to Menards and then got started on the sound deadening. The first thing I did was get KITT's interior plastics down. We decided to put the plastics in KITT to see the exact area they will cover, and then sound deaden everything not covered by plastics. It is our intention right now to cover all the backs of the plastics with Ensolite prior to installation. This should achieve the same sound deadening as applying it directly to the RAAMmat BXT II. If that ends up not being the case, we can always still apply it to the areas behind the plastics.

While I cleaned off the plastics that had been stored over the garage door, Sara got started on the sound deadening. She worked on the driver side rear seat well.

We fit all the plastics into place inside KITT (loose, not secured).

Then we got to work sound deadening the areas not covered by plastics, which will basically be the areas covered by carpet. Because the wheel wells sit underneath the plastic, the factory die-cut sound deadening insulation is still available. I think I will order these to install over the RAAMmat BXT II.

We sound deadened the trunk area last. The two storage areas on the rear quarter panels still need to have both RAAMmat BXT II and Ensolite applied. I only have three sheets of the RAAMmat left.

The entire floor area from the firewall back to the trunk is sound deadened!

We bought a white tarp at Menards this morning to cover KITT with now that he is cleaned and sound deadened. Hopefully this will keep dust and dirt out of the car.

Next I wire wheeled the mounting hardware for the blower housing, then soaked the screws in the WD-40 we bought this morning.

The new blower motor did not come with a ground contact, so I had to remove this from the old blower motor, and then clean it.

I also sprayed down the foam and screen for the evaporator with cleaner and water and set them aside to dry overnight.

Our last project tonight was installing the blower housing.

The majority of the housing is held on by screws passing through the firewall from the heater box. There are three screws that hold the heater box on from the engine bay side. We used these to secure the housing tonight.

Installed heater box:

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