Friday, April 17, 2015

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I titled this post for Sara, my A-Team fan. If you are not familiar with the show, Hannibal Smith often uses this catch phrase when things work out and go his way. It also sums up how I felt today when I stopped by Troy's shop.

I stopped in to ask him a few questions, and we got to talking about the EFI harness I plan to use for KITT. I mentioned I have been searching for the ECM the harness will require, but so far have not found one. He asked, "Which one is it? I have about fifty of them in the back." He went to the back of the shop, opened up a cupboard, and the first ECM he pulled out was SERV. NO. 1227747 - the exact one I needed! Thanks, Troy!! Now all I need to find is the PROM for the 5.0 L engine.

When I got home this evening I removed the masking tape from the differential cover. Here are the results:

I am having trouble capturing the true red color of the differential cover, so here is a little darker picture that is closer to its true color.

The last piece I needed to paint before taking the paint booth down was the small metal bracket for the blower motor housing. This bracket is used to mount the blower motor.

I am using the same satin black I used on the housing.

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