Friday, April 24, 2015

Differential Cover, Knight Pins And ECM Chips

I bought Permatex Ultra Black Gasket Maker so I could put the rear differential cover back on.

Per the instructions, I made a quarter inch continuous bead all around the cover.

I put the top and bottom bolts through the cover and used them to position the cover into place on the differential. Once these were in place I hand-tightened all the bolts down, utilizing a star pattern. I had to let this set for an hour before I torqued the bolts down to their 30 foot pound specifications.

Here is a closeup of the Pontiac arrowhead stainless steel bolts I purchased.

I received two packages in the mail today. The first package was from Mark Puette.

It contained the gullwing knight-head emblem pins I ordered.

The knight-head and the back of the pin is a heavy black nickle plating that has a dark mirror finish. These look awesome! Thanks for making these Mark!

The second package I received today was the 5.0 L EPROM #16139492 and Calpack #16060836 I ordered from eBay.

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