Saturday, January 17, 2015

Organized And Ready To Roll!

40 degrees in January! We decided to take advantage of the super nice weather and get rolling on KITT this afternoon. 

Jonathan's sister Amanda found this Pac-Man sleeping bag for him on an online garage sale. Jonathan hung it up in the garage last night. It looks cool, but I pointed out it is going to get super dirty once we start tearing into KITT again. So we snapped a picture and took it down. We are going to hang it with KITT's parts in the storage closet until we can put it back up in the garage. Thanks for the cool find Amanda!

In order for KITT to really be ready to roll, he needs his auto dollies. Jonathan finally assembled them this afternoon!

While Jonathan was assembling the auto dollies, I went to work picking up and organizing the garage. I love to organize! I also made quit a few trash runs. KITT is finally empty again! I told him I would make sure Jonathan does not continue to store stuff inside his cabin.

I cleaned all Jonathan's tools while I was putting them away, and I also ordered him the pliers set he wants to complete his collection. (Happy New Year Jonathan!) Jonathan's dad gave him a pair of coveralls and a nice heavy work jacket to wear while working on KITT. Jonathan also bought a new 6 inch bench grinder. Here is a picture. :)

Here is a shot of KITT from the back. Jonathan had placed some stuff in his trunk, but I got everything out and found better places for everything. He is empty and ready for work!

I also cleared everything out from under KITT. The only thing remaining are KARR's summer tires. I ordered Jonathan a tire storage bag for them though, so they will not be under KITT for much longer!

After organizing everything, we labeled all the drawers and shelves. A place for everything and everything in its place! I told you I love organizing!

Jonathan and KITT are officially ready to roll! Watch for Jonathan's unboxing video tomorrow!

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