Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Satisfying Unboxing

I contacted the eBay seller FPARTS Salvage / Contemporary Corvette about the damaged '93-'97 Camaro headlight mounting panel I received. I even provided the link to my video and blog post about the unboxing. He was very quick to respond and said that was not how it left his shop. He wanted to know if I would like him to send another out right away. I of course said yes. It arrived today. Here is the unboxing video.

Since I was totally off camera when I was trying to show how the pods will be cut off from the rest of the headlight mounting panel, I will be detailing the whole process when we actually remove the pods. Here are the pods up close.



Stay tuned for a video update later this week on the current state of the underbody and what needs to be prepped on the wheel wells. Until then....

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