Monday, January 13, 2014


Just as I finished the door hinge bolts and was putting stuff away I noticed what I thought was a paint run on the driver's side rocker panel.

Sure enough, it is a paint run.

Just as I was thinking to myself that I would have to let Mario know so that he could fix eyes drifted a bit lower and what I saw made my face do this:

[In case you are wondering that translates roughly to OMG, WTF!]

Mario did not mask off the underbody before he he primed the car! Months of work cleaning and detailing the underbody of the car is now covered and defaced by overspray! The lower control arms and subframe connectors that I had special ordered in powder-coat red are now half grey! I want to cry...

I called Mario, and his response was that it is not normal for a body shop to mask off the underbody or the wheel wells on a car, and because I did not specifically tell him to do so, he did not. He also said it would cost a lot more than I am paying him to get a body shop to go through the extra work of masking off the underbody. This just seems wrong to me. I find it very hard to believe there are cars driving around with their underbody skunk striped with their body color. Mario's only suggestion was to use lacquer thinner or fingernail polish remover to remove the primer overspray. 

I have not examined the passenger side yet (it is currently very close to the garage wall), but I can only assume that it is as bad as the driver side. I am looking for suggestions on what I can do to salvage all the hard work we have put into making the underbody look great. The entire underbody has three coats of high gloss POR-15 and I had chosen red as an accent color for all the upgraded parts I installed. These parts were all powder-coated red. Does anyone know what I can do? Looking at these pictures and thinking about all the hard work and time that went into it seriously makes me want to cry.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Sara and I are both pretty sick about this.

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