Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Started Again Working On KITT

Today after work I was determined to get back to KITT. The next thing I want to do is get the doors, fenders, and hood back on the car. With those back on the car it will allow us to clean up and reorganize the garage. Frankly it has been a pain trying to work around these parts. We also have an indoor storage now, so we are going to move some of the parts from the garage into that. We love organizing, if you have not figured it out by now. ;)

I started by cleaning up the hinge bolts for the doors. They needed to be wire brushed to remove some mild surface rust. You can see that I left all of the door hinge bolts turned into their respective spots (I had already removed one before taking this picture).

The only thing I was missing was the four interior door hinge bolts. Just another one of the many reason I love my wife... Sara was so good about organizing that I did not even have to think about where the inner door hinge bolts would be. Of course they are in a bag that is labeled "lower inside door hinge bolts" which was stored nicely in the drawer marked "interior". I love you Sara!

If you guys out there do not have a wife, I would highly suggest finding one. Just make sure she is one of the good ones, like mine. ;) They are invaluable!

Now that these are cleaned up and soaking in a WD-40 bath, the next step is installing the doors!

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