Thursday, April 4, 2013

Checking In With Mario

I stopped by Mario's shop to drop off the door hinge pin and bushing kits. He has the doors completely sanded down and he filled some of the small dents with polyester finishing putty. The original passenger door had several layers of paint with the most recent being the blue. It took him two hours with 80 grit sandpaper to get through all the layers. Mario said whoever painted the car this last time did not even bother to remove the mirrors or even some of the pin-striping...they just painted over it!

Mario said that overall the doors are in really nice shape and the small dents that were there are along the body line where the molding will go, so even though they have been repaired they will be hidden by the molding anyway.

The donor driver door had a couple of spots that had rusted bad enough that they were through the exterior of the door. Mario said he just did not feel comfortable filling these and instead cut out the two areas and welded in new metal. He placed the cut out pieces on top of the area they were cut from so I could take these pictures.

He also has the trunk lid sanded down. He found a couple minor dings on the area that would be under the spoiler/wing. He repaired these areas too even though it is unlikely that you would even see these.

Here is the replacement hatch glass. Notice the metal edging around the outside is gone! Mario was able to get it off without any issues. I just hope the edging on my glass is as easy to remove.

Remember my conversation with KITT about paint colors awhile back?

It went something like this...

Me: Hey KITT, I was thinking maybe this time around we should try for something a little brighter...bolder. They are making cars in hundreds of colors now. We could paint you as if you are a show car.

KITT: Well I have no intention of ever becoming one. It was Henry Ford who said any color as long as it’s black, and I agree. Elegant, quiet, basic black.

Well, I think KITT would have to agree that it doesn't get any more basic than General Motors Black. This is the black they have been using since 1953.

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