Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mario Gives The Door A Thumbs Up!

Mario stopped over to take a look at the door I picked up. He agreed with me on two points...1) it is not the best door in the world, and 2) it is better than the one I have. He said even though there is rust damage to this door, there is nothing that cannot be fixed, and he is willing to work with it.

He also brought over some of the parts that he painted matte black. 

Here are the drip rails for the A and B pillars.

Here is the passenger side headlight bezel.

Here is the driver side headlight bezel. Notice the Pontiac emblem in the picture above. Mario removed this from the driver side bezel and saved it for me per my request. (I plan to find a place for this emblem in the engine bay near the crossfire fuel injected logo.)

This is the fuel filler neck shroud. This is painted a matte black on the inside.

These are the screens for the fender vents.

On a side note...I got an email from another Knight Rider enthusiast here in South Dakota! I am looking forward to meeting up with him in the near future.

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