Sunday, February 17, 2013

Creating KITT's Firewall Pad, Part 2

We started on the firewall this morning at 9:30AM. The first thing I did was go over the BXT II with the hand roller we bought last night to smooth everything down.

This is Sara's work station. These are the pieces of BXT II left over from yesterday. We are using as much of it as possible.

We covered about 80% of the firewall in BXT II yesterday. Here I am covering the last of it.

Here is the firewall with a complete layer of BXT II. I wrapped the steering column bracket so I did not hit my head on it while I was working underneath it.

Next I applied Ensolite to the dash support. This is not part of the firewall and only gets one layer of BXT II and one layer of Ensolite.

The Ensolite foam stretches and conforms very nicely, though the backing is a little tricky to get off.

The dash support is finished.

The next step in building the firewall pad was to use strips of Ensolite. Rick at RAAMaudio suggested four inch strips of Ensolite a couple of inches apart. I modified that slightly because of the contours and holes. The BXT II does not stick very well to the Ensolite so there has to be surface area around each piece of Ensolite for the next layer of BXT II to adhere to. The Ensolite strips create a buffer layer between each layer of BXT II.

After finishing the strips of Ensolite we started applying the second layer of BXT II. My new hand roller broke minutes into the job. "I knew you were being too rough with it. We should have bought two," said Sara. 

A trip to my work bench and a lock washer later I was back in business.

The second layer of BXT II went down easier than the first. When we did the first layer we cut the holes out before applying each piece of BXT II. This time we applied the BXT II on top of everything and then cut the holes out from the other side (inside the engine bay). We were still able to save all the fallout pieces for reuse. Sara stuck the pieces to a strip of backing we pulled off earlier. Brilliant.

Here is the firewall with the second layer of BXT II.

The final step in building the firewall pad was to apply a complete layer of Ensolite.

Our firewall pad is finished!

We finished about 4:00PM this afternoon.

Here is what we have for leftover pieces. We really have had very little waste. We will save these pieces for use on the rest of the interior.

After we finished the firewall pad this afternoon, Sara and I replaced the seal on the bottom of our garage door. This should help keep water and cold air out of the garage.

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