Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Farewell To Shoes

Jonathan has been sporadically cleaning and restoring the taillight harness for the past two weeks. Here is what it looks like currently. He has been trying to find someone that restores wiring harnesses, but so far has not had any luck.

I have not been around much to help with KITT lately but that is going to change. Here is the note I left Jonathan yesterday.

The garage was a mess when we started this weekend, so the first thing we did was clean and organize. Here is Jonathan vacuuming off the top of his work bench. You can actually see the work bench now! 

After we cleaned the garage Jonathan went through all the boxes of parts looking for parts that still need to be painted with POR-15. We discovered we do not really have anything left to paint with POR-15 (that we know of right now anyway; we may come across something as we start putting the car back together).

Goodbye trusty yet disgusting old shoes. I took them out with the trash this afternoon. :)
(I was keeping them until we had finished the POR-15 stage.) 

We are next going to tackle the sound deadening and firewall pad. Jonathan has to do some research on its installation first, so we are back inside for the time being.

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