Friday, December 21, 2012

Painting Parts That Will Survive The End Of The World

If the stupid people of the earth unite and get their way... then when the world ends today at least KITT will have most of his parts coated with POR-15. It is as close to a Molecular Bonded Shell as I am going to get.

I put the third coat of POR-15 on this afternoon. The first thing I did was touch up the wiper linkage where I had missed a couple of spots.

Here is the Panhard/Trackbar brace after receiving a third coat of POR-15. I still have to put another coat on the topside of this piece.

Tie rod ends and their clamps with three coats of POR-15.

Pitman arm with three coats of POR-15.

Idler arm with three coats of POR-15.

Center link with three coats of POR-15.

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