Monday, December 17, 2012

Having A Cowling Good Time

My focus for today was the cowl area. I wanted to get it cleaned out so it can be prepped for paint tomorrow when the extra supplies I ordered get here.

Here is a picture of the external cowl area.

The driver side inner cowl area. A lone June bug found his final resting place among the dirt and debris.

The passenger side inner cowl area.

Looking up the passenger side drain spout. Notice the leftover Hello KITTy tape we missed when we did the engine bay. Whoops.

The driver side drain spout can be seen through the rectangular hole in the frame.

The driver side inner cowl area after I vacuumed out as much of the dirt and debris as I could. 

The passenger side inner cowl area after I vacuumed it out.

After I finished vacuuming out the entire inner cowl area, I used MarineClean and thoroughly coated the inside of the cowl. I set storage tubs at either drain point to catch the runoff. Once the MarineClean had set a while, I used a scrub brush to scrub all of the areas I could reach and then rinsed the entire cowl off with hot water. I repeated this process a second time to make sure it was completely clean. This was a great opportunity to take notice of the path the water takes when exiting the inner cowl area and allowed me to double check that the path was sufficiently treated with POR-15.

The driver side inner cowl area after a thorough cleaning with MarineClean.

The passenger side inner cowl area after a thorough cleaning with MarineClean.

A long time ago in what seems like a clean garage far, far away I removed the steering linkage from the engine bay. I took the whole assembly down to Troy so that he could separate it for me. I want to paint it with POR-15 and I knew it would be easier to paint if it was separated. 

I got the parts back from Troy about a month ago and I am just now cleaning them up so they can be prepped for paint.

Dad came over just as I was finishing up the MarineClean on the cowl. I had to leave for a job interview and Dad stayed to work on cleaning up the steering linkage parts. Thanks Dad!

Here are some of the parts after the first stage of cleaning.

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