Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Trip To Mario's Shop

As I had previously posted, Mario Gourde is going to be doing the body work and painting KITT for me. He contacted me this weekend and said that he had the hood and fenders sanded down and wondered if I had the other parts ready yet. Since I had removed the spoiler and the front nose mounting bracket this week they were ready to go. I looked in the garage to see if I had anything else he could get started on and came across the rear marker light bezels. Sara and I loaded everything up in the Freestyle and took them over to Mario's.  

Here is Mario with my hood. There was a little body work done on the top of the hood but nothing major. Mario said it was okay because it was done correctly.

Here is the passenger side fender. Mario asked about the antenna hole and now I am second guessing whether or not I want to put a power antenna back in. I am going to have to decide quickly because he will need to weld this shut if I do not. Mario noticed there was some body work done on this fender. There was a minor dent right at the front edge that was filled in. He said this kind of dent is very easy to fix and he is not sure why they did not fix it instead of filling it in.

These next two pictures are of the driver side fender. Mario said there are a few dents he needs to pull out on the bottom edge of the fender where the undercoating was covering.

Overall the hood and fenders were in good shape with no hidden surprises. I just hope the rest of the car is as lucky.

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