Tuesday, July 28, 2015

KARR's Gullwing Installed

KARR is finally back home tonight! He has been at the mechanic getting some much needed maintenance. KARR received a catalytic converter, new water pump, new thermostat, new spark plugs, new brake pads, a coolant flush, a tune up, and a replacement line for the damaged high pressure A/C line so KARR now has working air conditioning!


Of course the first thing I had to do was install the gullwing! :)


Please ignore how dirty the interior is. KARR has been sitting at the mechanic's for the last few weeks and needs some TLC. After I drive with the gullwing for a while, I will be removing it again to paint it satin black.


I took last Friday off from work for my birthday, and spent the afternoon in the garage condensing KITT's parts boxes. I went from the five boxes you see in this picture...

... to only two.


With the boxes out of the way, I shifted the back glass down against the shelves and hung up the brooms. :)


Doesn't that look better? Sara was pretty happy when she got home from work and saw how nice the garage looked.


One of the next projects will be removing the hardware from the original windows so that I can install it on the new glass I bought. 


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