Saturday, February 7, 2015

Undercoating The Firewall

I started this morning by making sure the tape was still firmly attached in all the areas I masked off last night.

First coat of undercoating on the firewall:

Second coat of undercoating on the firewall:

I bought a whole roll of that red vinyl material. I like the way it looks on my work bench, so I covered my rolling work bench and my refrigerator/freezer top also.

KITT approves.

After the undercoating had dried, I removed the masking. I had my camerawoman back, so I have action shots now. :)

I had wrapped all the stainless steel lines with masking tape. The tape went on a lot easier than it came off, but it protected well.

Here is the coated firewall:

I just need to give this a coat of BlackCote so it matches the rest of the engine bay and this will be finished. Maybe tomorrow...

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