Saturday, February 21, 2015

Don Peake's Knight Rider Music

Last July Don Peake made an announcement about the release of the next four volumes of KNIGHT RIDER soundtrack music. Here's what Don had to say...

me permission to produce 250 flash drives of Volume 4, V5, V6, and V7 to be
sold at the Atlanta convention! This will be Exclusive to your event until later this year.
These will be in a credit card shaped flash drive with USB plug! I will be selling
them for $25.00 each because it costs so much to produce them and pay NBCU.
Each volume has 2 episodes of music, except volume 6. This is 24 bit audio resolution.
I am so excited. 
This has been an uphill battle for 2 years.

The episode list for each Volume is as follows:

Volume 4
A Nice Indecent Little Town
Killer K.I.T.T.

Volume 5
Knight Moves
Speed Demons

Volume 6
Chariot of Gold

Volume 7
Knight of the Juggernaut
Return to Cadiz

Best Regards,
Your Friend,

I was not able to attend Southern Knights Atlanta last year, so I had to wait until now to purchase my copies of these four new albums. I already had the first three albums, so I was really excited for these. They arrived yesterday!

I cannot wait to listen to all of this new material!! Thanks for making these available Don!

My father-in-law is still in the hospital, so Sara and I have both been spending time visiting and helping Mom with stuff around the house. He is on the mend though, and should be out soon! Our goal is to get KITT down on the auto dollies before the weekend is out.

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