Tuesday, October 21, 2014

KARR's First Road Trip

On Saturday we took KARR on his first road trip to Sica Hollow State Park. What we hadn't planned on was the 8 1/2 miles of gravel road leading up to the park.

Or this:

We were stopped twice by farmers herding their cattle down the road. We did not have much warning with the first herd (shown in the video). The bull leading the herd seemed to see KARR's headlights and scanner as a threat, so I put down the headlights and shut off the scanner. This satisfied the bull and he moved on. The other cows were interested in where the headlights went as they retracted, and why the scanner stopped flashing. A few of them licked the scanner and the front of the car. One of the farmers said, "Wow, they really like that car!" as she passed us on her horse.

After the first herd of cattle passed us, we continued on our way for a couple of miles, until we came across another cattle herding in progress. This time we were able to find out where the cattle were being herded to, and stopped back far enough from them to not interfere. It is hard to see in the pictures below, but the second group of cattle seemed to find KARR fascinating also. There was a male calf that was particularly interested, and he was trying his hardest to get away from the herd and come over to investigate. Unfortunately, the guy with the lasso stopped him, which disappointed Sara.

By the time we got to Sica Hollow State Park, KARR was quite dirty.

The wheel wells were packed with cow manure and dirt/gravel.

So, KARR got a bath Sunday afternoon.

(A good thing too... you could smell him from about fifteen feet away.) 


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