Monday, May 26, 2014

The Great Underbody Dilemma

I need your help in deciding what to do with the Wonderbar steering brace, the only remaining red part, on KITT's underbody. My original idea was that all of the upgrades that were done to KITT's underbody and suspension would be in red. I wanted them to stand out as an upgraded part. This is no longer possible as the primer has destroyed the red powder coating on the subframe connectors and the lower control arms. Only the Wonder Bar on the front appears completely untouched by the primer.

The red Wonderbar steering brace in the front.

The Panhard/track bar on the rear, the lower control arms, and the insides of the subframe connectors can be seen in this picture. You can also make out the Wonderbar in the front. It is the red line just below the orange drill sitting on the bench (you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it).

Originally I was going to leave both the Panhard/track bar and the Wonderbar red, but that proved futile as upon closer inspection the Panhard/track bar has more overspray on it than I thought it did. I was thinking that it was all dust. I tried using just some lacquer thinner on a rag to see if I could wipe away some of the overspray where it was just very light speckles. The lacquer thinner immediately removed all the gloss from the powder coating and revealed several chips. I am completely dumbfounded as to where these chips came from as it was pristine when it was installed and has not been driven. Either way the powder coating is compromised already in these spots and there is no way for me to remove the overspray without also removing the gloss. I am really unimpressed with the durability of powder coating.

So now it just comes down to what to do with the Wonderbar in the front. I am trying to decide if I should leave the Wonderbar red and coat everything else in POR-15 gloss black, or if I should just coat it in POR-15 gloss black right away too. Part of me likes the idea of leaving it red for sentimental value, but the logical side says that if everything else is going to be black is there a point to leaving this red?

I had previously decided that I would repaint the differential cover gloss black as I was never happy with the way the red POR-15 ceramic paint turned out. Sara suggested this afternoon that I repaint it red with something other than the ceramic paint. She suggested I keep the Wonderbar red and the differential cover red. I am not sure, so...

I need Project: K.I.T.T.'s followers to help me decide what to do with the Wonderbar. Please vote below:

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